Community Projects

On this page you will find a list of active, pending or proposed projects for which CultureBrokers Foundation is a strategic partner or a member. Our involvement in these projects encourages mutualistic growth through the sharing of information, the leveraging of resources, and the ability for us to complement the strengths of the other members. Click on the link to find out more about each project.

See projects for which we are the lead here.

Selby Avenue Action Coalition

Active. Seeks to implement targeted actions that support, guide and enhance the revitalization of Selby Avenue between Dale Street and Lexington Parkway. SAAC serves the commercial market along these nine blocks...

Old Home Re-development Project

Active. Seeks to build community wealth and pride by creating a revenue-producing operation at the Old Home site in Saint Paul. To offer employment, entrepreneurial coaching, stores, amusements, parking and food in an economic development model that emphasizes community ownership and community investment.

Preserve & Benefit Historic Rondo Committee

Active. Using community organizing, media messaging, political and legal strategies, PBHRC's goal is to avoid or mitigate adverse project impacts, advance racial equity and support community wealth building for the established African American community long disenfranchised from large scale infrastructure decision-making. PBHRC is pushing for a "Rondo Renaissance", a culturally based revival that allows for the preservation, enhancement, restoration and healing of its ethnic economy and longstanding representation into the future of University Avenue and the surrounding area.

NAACP Anti-Racism Work

Active. CultureBrokers Foundation is a fiscal agent for Saint Paul NAACP receipt of charitable dollars, which the chapter distributes to its strategic partners who perform discrete anti-racism activities.


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