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  • Thursday, February 23, 2012 10:50 AM | Brian Joyce
    Hello friends,
    Shadowplay Theatre presents the  Agatha Christie mystery "The Mousetrap" directed by Brian Joyce . The play runs 8 more performances at the Minneapolis Theater Garage. This week Thur thru Monday and next week Thur thru Saturday. Check us out at for times and ticket information or call us at 612-965-3733. You can also like us on Facebook.
    Tickets may also be purchased at and I hope you can find some time to see this great evening of murder and mystery.
  • Monday, September 12, 2011 12:59 PM | Lisa Tabor (Administrator)

    The ethnic destinations within Saint Paul's World Cultural Heritage District (WCHD) submitted a joint letter of support and commitment for the HUD Community Challenge Grant. The statement of collaboration and mutuality is consistent with the position of the WCHD, but this "public display" is really a very special and exciting occurrence!

    We all appreciated Nancy Homans' and Cecile Bedore's invitation to participate; many thanks to ECTD member Ellen Muller for her help making the connections. We look forward to seeing the final version of the grant proposal; we'll try to post it when we do.

    Keep your fingers crossed that the proposal is successful. It means that interculturalism can be advanced at a much faster pace along the Central Corridor so that we can all benefit sooner.

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2011 1:48 PM | Lisa Tabor (Administrator)

    Thanks to sponsor SPNN, portions of the Ethnic Cultural Tourism Destinations Conference are airing on channel 19 at the times listed below. Included are the welcome by Saint Paul Deputy Mayor Paul Williams and the presentations by Romona Riscoe Benson and Charles Landry.

    Mon 08/22/11 12:00 pm

    Mon 08/22/11 8:00 pm

    Tue 08/23/11 2:00 pm

    Wed 08/24/11 12:00 pm

    Wed 08/24/11 10:00 pm

    Thu 08/25/11 2:00 pm

    Thu 08/25/11 8:00 pm

    Fri 08/26/11 12:00 pm

    Sun 08/28/11 8:00 pm

    Thu 09/01/11 8:00 pm

    Sat 09/03/11 8:00 pm


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