Community Walks Program

The Community Walks Program is an adaptable, straightforward curriculum that helps groups of people develop informative and entertaining stories, which taken together make an engaging walking tour that showcases a neighborhood. Developed by Jane’s Walk in Toronto, and stewarded in the U.S. by Jane Jacobs Walk, the curriculum can help a wide range of individuals and groups who want to lead walks draw out the stories of their neighborhood and residents.

On April 22, CultureBrokers® Foundation and other partners are holding a joint workshop in which we will introduce the Community Walks curriculum to the Twin Cities as one strategy for furthering intercultural literacy at the neighborhood level. We think the Community Walks Program is a useful mechanism for conducting "Convening in the Streets" activities - bringing together people who are interested in a place to learn more, connect to each other, discuss with others what they see and how they think about those things, and even inspire collective action right in that place. Click here for more workshop information.

We are particularly interested in connecting with practicing and emerging "storytellers" and "story keepers" in the belief that they would be amazing resources for both leading tours and for helping train others as tour leaders. In that vein, we are working with Saint Paul Alamanc, ASANDC, and Storyteller Workshops convened by Rose McGee and InCommons. Imagine the shared solutions a hundred storytellers could catalyze as they lead community walks all year round - along streets, alleys, trails, streams, and brownfields; in ethnic enclaves, commercial centers, and industrial parks - sharing their points of view about those places in ways that spark others to share, care and act!

Project status: Active. The program development process kicks off with an April 22 workshop, scheduled with Jane Jacobs Walk national director Nathaniel Currey. Click here to register.

Timeline (most current first)

May 6, 2012 - Twin Cities' Jane's Walk Celebration at Central Corridor's Western & University Station area 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Tour specific station areas along the new light-rail transit corridor as part of Jane’s Walk USA in collaboration with program sponsors, the District Councils Collaborative (DCC) Walkability Survey project and the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation (SPRC). Part of the Creating 21st Century Intercultural and Creative Cities week of events with Charles Landry.

April 22, 2012 - Joint Workshop on Walkability and Exploring Neighborhoods. Register here.

February 16, 2012 - Initiated discussions with Nate Currey, Jane Jacobs Walk

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