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An investment in developing the WCHD is an investment in the future of Saint Paul and in Minnesota. In addition to improvements in the built environment, additional capacity-building benefits will result.

Promote Economic Development

Tourism districts, to be successful, are inherently safe, comfortable and beautiful environments that attract a large number of customers. These customers, in turn, attract additional commercial interests. These enterprises, in turn, generate tax revenue for public services.

Advance Local Tourism Product

The city must compete with others locally and nationally for the tourism dollar. Ethnic tourism destinations meet the visitor’s desire to participate in cultural and heritage activities and provide Saint Paul’s marketers with a value proposition distinctly different from that of any other city.

Improve Society

Tourism districts create people-centered environments, improve spaces and encourage social interaction. An ethnic tourism district increases familiarity and comfort with cultural differences. It works on behalf of the entire city’s social image and builds a shared identity.

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