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Published: 2021-10-23 10:36:02
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Essay on “Friedrich Nietzsche. Sigmund Freud”
She did sprosila- “Nietzschean will to power your way, too, from the field of animal?”.
It is a great poet and a lousy aspiring politician … A minute later, she let slip that it allegedly is a rhetorical question. And in general …
The answer to this question, of course, as “rhetorical” – definitely. He is under the will of Nietzsche understands the psychological power of the soul, which he does not believe? Definitely – no! Already there is no one secret that Nietzsche is inspired by the teachings of Schopenhauer. Sending Hegel and idealism, to hell with Schopenhauer claimed that radical reality Kantian noumenon – it is a blind impulse, present and active in all realities, and especially in man. This is it – the will. For his part, Nietzsche calls the will of a complex set of feelings, instincts, passions, thoughts, movements, emotions, etc., which develops in a person. But the dominant factor is the instinct – the animal. So, that’s right – Nietzsche’s will is entirely derived from the animal in man
Friedrich Nietzsche Sigmund Freud
Will -. It is, above all, the will to power. Are you looking for the realization of this? What do you think, why Nietzsche never finished “Der Wille zur Macht” ( “Will to Power”)? Or an attack of madness, struck him in January 1889, has no payback for “manifesto” of man’s dominion over nature, yourself and other people?!
Nietzsche never talks about free will! First of all, it divides people into owners of the strong and weak will. The fact that some receive from Nietzsche – the desire to impose its will on others and make her obey. But who said – that this desire for dignity and humanity! Nietzsche. The most miserable people, who even explain human love nothing more than the will to power …

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