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Published: 2021-10-23 13:17:02
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Hi/ Hello, judges, parents, teachers, and students, I am Aaditya from P6.“Before you call yourself a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or any other religion, learn to be human first.” “Water and air, the essential fluids and gases on which all life depends, We have become global garbage cans.” Said Shannon L. Alder.
Humans are the smartest species in the world. We have invented technology in the last few 100 years. This technology helped us a lot, but it is going to be a big problem . I am here to tell you why we are the greatest threat to the world. I could not believe it! I am human scared of cockroaches and butterflies, but I could threaten the earth. To find out more . I did a lot of Humans are the greatest threat to the planet because of
pollution. I am sure that you have heard of pollution and how it affects our planet. Pollution comes by factories, cars planes and so much more. It is bad for us and animals health. Not only that the it also affects our environment. By acid rain and ocean pollution.
For the past few decades humans have polluted the water. The ocean provides 80% of the oxygen and if it gets polluted, the life on earth not get enough oxygen. Corals and fish have died, Do you know how much garbage is dumped in the ocean?
Scientist claims that there is around 7 billion kilograms of garbage being dumped on the ocean every year that is more than 700,000 kilograms every hour but the most dangerous effect that pollution makes, is making the earth hotter and hotter which is called.
Global Warming, Global Warming is the whole planet getting hotter and hotter by air pollution. It’s not a big problem now but later in the future it will. Forests and wildlife are dying. Global Warming and Climate change can be dangerous to the wildlife by changing its environment. Its destroying nature. Species depend on their environment and the climate but if it changes suddenly they will start to die .
Global Warming is also melting all the glaciers and if this happens the whole city of D.C and New York and Jakarta will be under the sea also countries like netherlands, sorry Mr Maarten and maldives will also be under the sea.
But there is one more reason why humans are the greatest threat to the world Deforestation. 80% of species in earth live in the forest. Trees give us food. Take example of a chicken. We eat them and chicken eats the grains and the grains come from grass which is form of plants . So if there is no plants there would be no chicken for us to eat. Same thing if you are a vegetarian
So how can we stop these problems? By reduce using fossil fuel and using renewable energy. This will stop global warming. We will flow the saying of reduce reuse recycle. Take an example of a water bottle the plastic one. We can reduce the usage of plastic bottle. We can reuse the plastic bottle we already had and we will recycle the plastic bottle we don,t need. Also we can stop cutting down trees. This will save the earth.This will make our planet a better place for everybody. This will make earth beautiful again. This will make us all happy. Thank you.

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